About The Chocolate Museum

The Chocolate Museum, a Canadian first, opened in June of 1999 and was substantially redesigned and expanded in 2009.  It is a must for all Chocoholics! Devoted to the wonder of chocolate, it displays the history of Ganong Bros., Limited, candy makers in St. Stephen since 1873. The Museum is an indoor, unique, interactive experience.

What better way to sweeten a child's enthusiasm for history, entrepreneurship, and economics than with chocolate! Adults delight in childhood memories and traditions that were influenced by confectionery.  With our chocolate cube benches, chocolate treats, chocolate decor, and our chocolate themed shoppe, you will be sure to have a "sweet" day!

Our Mission & Mandate

The Chocolate Museum will provide historical, cultural, educational and economic benefits for the people of St. Stephen and surrounding communities.

The Chocolate Museum will provide experiences and presentations that delight, educate and entertain, while fostering partnerships, building community commitment, and sharing our history and heritage.

Hand Dipping Chocolates

Ganong's famous hand dippers still make chocolates by hand, the way they have for over 100 years. Visit The Chocolate Museum and you'll be able to peak into the hand dip studio, where you may even catch a hand dipper at work! Learn why it takes 2-3 years to train a new hand dipper, and why these specialty chocolates are sold exclusively at the Ganong Chocolatier store.

Interesting and Interactive Exhibits

Discover why St. Stephen is "Canada's Chocolate Town" as you explore our displays, take a quiz, play a game, or complete a scavenger hunt to win a sweet prize. Our friendly tour guides will introduce you to the fascinating exhibits or you can watch one of our entertaining videos to learn how Ganong makes its famous treats.

Antique Chocolate Boxes

Ganong's made their own chocolate boxes from 1906 until the early 1970's in a division of the company called "The Home Paper Box Company".  Did you know that Ganong's was the first candy company to introduce the heart-shaped box North America in 1932? Or that they were the first to use cellophane packaging imported from France in 1920? See many examples of boxes, spanning two world wars,  that help explain the impact chocolate has had on our society not only in New Brunswick but throughout North America.

 "Ganong Girls"

Between 1916 and 1930, many women came to St. Stephen to work at the Ganong factory and lived at "Elm Hall", which is now known as St. Stephen's University. Do you have a family connection to the "Ganong Girls"? Check out our listing of the  Ganong Girls who once lived at Elm Hall and see if you recognize any of the names!

Heritage Chocolate Walk

To learn even more about the impact of Ganong Bros. Ltd. on the town of St. Stephen, take the Heritage Chocolate Walking Tour, which is offered at 10am and 2pm daily, Monday to Saturday, in June, July and August. It includes a tour of the Museum plus an outdoor walk past homes and buildings which relate to the history of the Town of St. Stephen and Ganong's. This is an experience not to be missed!

We are hiring for the summer of 2017!

We are looking for fun, friendly, outgoing students to work at The Chocolate Museum this summer. If you're interested, please email your resume to chocolate.museum@nb.aibn.com